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Stacy Tatman


An accomplished and award-winning nature photographer, Stacy Tatman devotes herself to photographing and protecting vulnerable species and their habitats.  Tatman expresses her commitment to conservation issues through photographic, scientific, and legal efforts.


Tatman developed an interest in photography at an early age, an enthusiasm matched only by her passion for the outdoors. Throughout the years, Tatman has explored and photographed natural places and wild animals around the world. From mountaintops to ocean floors, Tatman goes to great heights and depths to create inspiring and memorable images.


Tatman’s concern for environmental issues led her to obtain both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and later, a doctorate in environmental law from Vermont Law School.  Through scientific and legal efforts, Tatman has made significant contributions to endangered species protection.


Photographic credits comprise numerous awards and publications, including a full-length photographic book, Santa Cruz.  Notably, Tatman’s work has been published by National Geographic and Defenders of Wildlife. Tatman shares her passion for nature photography through teaching and publishing. 


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